Project details

The outcome of the FLURESP project will provide an extensive assessment of human flu pandemic response strategies, which will leads to guidelines and recommendations for EU member states presenting and discussing most cost-effective response strategies for each pandemic scenario.
First phase
The first operational phase (Workpackage 4 - WP4) will be dedicated to the description of human pandemic scenarios. After an extensive literature review, the FLURESP consortium will create a specific expert panel, which will define possible human flu pandemic scenarios in Europe. Existing outbreak and pandemic modelling works will be studied and discussed by the expert panel. WP4 will describe and explain both possible pandemic scenarios in Europe and actual responses facing the emergence of swine origin A/California/4/2009(H1N1).
Second phase
The second operational phase of the project (Workpackage 5 - WP5) will focus on response strategies at country and European level. Using existing sources (pandemic planning, literature, report, expert opinion), potential response strategies will be selected for each pandemic scenario.
Third phase
The third phase (Workpackage 6 - WP6) will define standardized criteria for each response strategy, including epidemiological and socio-economical impact, and will perform multi-criteria analyses. This will allow to cluster and rank response strategies according to performance and efficiency. An interactive prioritization tool based on multicriteria advanced analyses will be made available online via this website (online prioritization tool) and will allow decision makers and stakeholders to simulate the performance of various response strategies.
Fourth phase
The fourth phase (Workpackage - WP7) will perform cost-effectiveness analyses on the response strategies in four pilot European countries. Simulation models will be constructed to compare cost and performance of response strategies for each pandemic scenario in each of the target countries.
Fifth phase
The fifth phase (Workpackage - WP8) will propose guidelines and recommendations for policy decision makers. Recommendations will be based on ranking tables of performance, costs and cost-effectiveness ratios.